Introducing Smart Pension's New Bulk Import Feature & Custom Client Sign up

Smart Pension's two new powerful tools: Bulk Import and Custom Client Sign Up. Our Bulk Import feature facilitates the creation of multiple schemes in an instant whilst our Custom Client Sign Up allows adviser's to personalise the easy client on-boarding process which is automatically linked to their adviser account.

Bulk import feature

New Bulk Import Feature

Create 10, 100 or 1000 schemes at the click of a button.

Transfer your entire client book to Smart Pension quickly and easily.

Bulk Import Companies

Lots of clients and running out of time to help them get compliant with auto enrolment? Don't worry, we've got something to help reduce the workload. We've just upgraded the Adviser Platform to include a new feature that lets you upload a spreadsheet of your clients' details and create multiple workplace pension schemes at once. You can even transfer your existing clients over in one simple step. Just populate a CSV or XLS file that we provide with the company name and contact details and we do the rest.

See the auto enrolment Bulk Import Feature here.

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Using the Bulk Company Import feature is a quick way to import multiple companies into the Smart Pension platform.

.csv & .xls format

Smart Pension accepts either .csv or .xls file formats for the import.


You can download a template from the Bulk Company Import page.

You can find out more about how this works from our Smart Pension - Working For Payroll article, and also about the bulk company import requirements from our help guide.

New Custom Client Sign Up

Custom Client Signup

Using Smart Pension's unique Custom Client Sign up feature is a great way to onboard clients by allowing them to easily sign themselves up using a customised form with your own messaging and your own company or adviser name.

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Custom sign up

You can use your own messaging and your own company or adviser name to sign up your clients.

Share custom link

Share the custom link with as many clients as you wish and they will be ascribed to your adviser account automatically.


When a new client signs up to your adviser account we email you so you can help them with the next steps.

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