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Smart Pension is now integrated with Amazon's award-winning Alexa platform. This means members can stay up-to-date with their Smart Pension account using a number of simple voice commands.

This approach provides an interactive way to stay engaged with your Smart Pension account, wherever and whenever you want to. Ask for a quick summary, or find out how much your pension is worth. You can even increase your contribution percentage.

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Smart Pension Amazon Alexa Skill

The Smart Pension Amazon Alexa Skill interacts directly with our API to provide you with a real-time and interactive experience with your Smart Pension account. Whether you are new to pensions or an expert, this is a great way to find out more about your scheme and even make changes to your account.

Update your contribution percentage

Review pension summary

Check up on your personal details such as your employee profile, beneficiary, and total contributions.

Update Contribution

Update your contributions

Update your contribution percentage anytime, though please note the change will only be reflected in the next contribution cycle. The more you contribute, the more the government contributes in the form of income tax relief.


View your valuation

View and generate your valuation on demand. (Please note, you can generate your valuation once a day.)

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Update your contribution percentage

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Smart Pension is the first pension provider to allow you to not only listen to your pension scheme, but also talk to it!

Those personal admin tasks often get pushed aside and only remembered when you are not near your computer. The next time you are washing up and think “I must remember to increase my pension contributions” you can now just ask Alexa to do that for you there and then. You can also do it from the Alexa app on your phone. 

Alexa will ask you to verify your identity and then confirm the new percentage. Once complete, you will receive an email to confirm this and so will the person who manages your scheme. The next time you are paid, the new percentage will be applied.

If you updated your percentage by mistake you can ask Alexa to change it back or log into your member portal to make the same change online.

Smart Pension - Mobile Security Options

Is it secure?

Yes, the Smart Pension Alexa skill is secure. In order to add the Smart Pension skill to your Alexa account, you will be asked to sign in securely to your Smart Pension account and give Alexa permission to access and modify your Smart Pension account. Any changes that are made (e.g. contributions) are immediately notified to you and your employer via email and can be reversed if desired.

Please note that, once the Smart Pension skill is enabled, anyone with access to your Amazon Alexa account, be it via your mobile phone or via your Amazon Echo device, can request information on your pension. You should not add the Smart Pension skill to your account if your Amazon Echo is publicly available. We will be releasing a PIN feature for the Smart Pension Skill in coming weeks which you will be able to choose to enable for additional privacy.

In the meantime, if you are worried about your privacy, it's quick and easy to link and unlink your Smart Pension account from our Alexa Skill.

Add the Smart Pension Alexa skill now
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Stay in touch

If you have an Echo Show or an Echo Spot, you can also ask Alexa to: "Play my introduction video" to watch a video that explains how your Smart Pension account works. This is a great way to stay in touch with your Smart Pension account without having to log in online to see what's going on. We are constantly adding new features so your Alexa companion app will learn with you as you save for your future.

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