Payroll Compatible Auto Enrolment Solutions

We are compatible with a wide variety of payroll providers some of which have intergrated directly
with us for one click data submission via the Smart Pension API, or offer pensionsync.

The Smart Pension - Auto Enrolment API

Our team has very considerable experience in building scalable applications that must respond in real time with 100% data integrity and carry out 100s of thousands of interactions a day. Our API / EDI - application programming interface / electronic data interchange - is the most sophisticated in the UK auto enrolment market, giving complete access to our underlying business rules, from company look up to ongoing management of companies to payroll submission. We also support PAPDIS file submission via our API (or via upload into our back office once signed up). If you are a technologically advanced partner and wish to build a deep integration or to control the customer interface layer for workplace pensions, then our API is for you.

We do not charge for access to our API, either for set up or ongoing usage, however partners are expected to support their own development costs in integrating with us. Our API is fully documented and has 100% test coverage so should be entirely self service in any case.

Supported functions

Our entire platform is run off our unique API, therefore any action that can be performed in our customer facing applications can be replicated within our API.

Software developers can use our API to create pension schemes for a single company, or as a batch of many companies (useful for payroll bureaus). Below is a quick overview of some of the services offered.

  • Create company details and pension scheme set up
  • Create advisers, used for firms managing many schemes
  • Set up new employees or update existing employee details
  • Submit pre-calculated pension contributions, or contributions to be assessed
  • Update existing, unpaid, contributions
  • Get employee membership / opt out states
  • Postpone individual employees or set rules for ongoing postponement
  • Send assessment and other statutory letters
  • Our API also supports batch requests for sending multiple payrolls or creating many schemes

There are many more services available in our API. For a full list see our API Documentation.

Implementation options

A number of applications have integrated with the Smart Pension API. Some choose to develop a 'full' integration that supports the creation of schemes and members, as well as submitting pension contributions.

Other providers choose to developer a 'lite' integration where they ask their clients to create the scheme on the Smart Pension website and then add the scheme credentials to their account within the payroll application to then authenticate and submit pension contributions.

If you have a clear idea of what you want to offer your clients, integrating your application with our API is straightforward and can take a matter of weeks to get live. Have a look at our implementation guides on here: Learn more.

Smart Pension Developers' Hub

Our API has comprehensive documentation that is dynamically updated and provides example code. We provide details for each endpoint, explaining both the intended usage, but also the expected behaviour.

The developers hub includes a list of all resources, a changelog and roadmap as well as a subscription service for updates. We also provide one to one support, so your developers can speak to our developers to get the job done quicker.

Developers Hub

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