Auto Enrolment Brochures & Fact Sheets

The arrival of auto enrolment has already started to make a huge impact to the UK employment landscape and whilst many of the larger employers are already on board, hundreds of thousands of small and micro businesses will need to enrol their employees onto a workplace pension, either directly or through the help of an adviser or agent, over the course of the next two years. Many would have not had any experience in workplace pensions and find it a daunting prospect when really, it needn't be.

We have created a number of helpful yet concise brochures and fact sheets on the Smart Pension approach to auto enrolment which we've split into two categories, for employers and for advisers/agents, that will provide you with everything you need to know to get started from our structure and key partners to payroll software compatibility. We've also made the brochures and fact sheets easy for you to download and to print off so you can easily send or distribute them amongst your employees or your clients. This page will have you clued up on how Smart Pension can help you with auto enrolment in no time.

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