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Smart Pension has created a simple set of free-to-use, innovative tools that produce customisable forms of communications, helping employers with their on-going legal responsibility to support and educate their staff about auto enrolment.

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Free Auto Enrolment Poster Generator

Smart Pension enrolment Poster Generator

The Smart Pension Auto Enrolment Poster Generator is an innovative yet simple to use tool that allows small businesses to communicate to their staff the impending workplace pension changes that are about to take place. It is a mandatory requirement and part of the employer's auto enrolment responsibilities to educate their employees about the forthcoming auto enrolment plans that will affect them.

The clever online-tool, which is free to use, enables the employer to add to the poster their own logo, company information and an educational message about auto enrolment, and then choose a background image from the selection provided or one of their own - for example, a company team photograph- for a completely personalised message.

The Smart Pension Auto Enrolment Poster Generator can also be used by accountants, IFAs and payroll bureaus to ensure that their SME clients comply with their on-going legal responsibilities. As with employers, advisers can also have their own company's logo added to the poster along with the contact details of their own team so that their clients' employees can get in touch with any questions.

Free Employee Education Video Generator

The Smart Pension Employee Education Video Generator allows employers along with accountants, IFAs and payroll bureaus to create branded, informational videos geared towards educating employees about auto enrolment. As it is a legal responsibility for businesses to educate and inform their employees about their workplace pension, our free to use Employee Education Video Generator facilitates compliance, with a short customised video, in a matter of seconds.

To create a personalised video, employers simply need to complete a short form by providing the company name; the name, telephone and email address of the designated contact for workplace pensions within the company, and uploading an image of the company logo. Within no more than a couple of minutes, we'll send a link through (to the specified email address) to the the custom employee education video, which can then be shared with employees across the company.

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Smart Pension Master Trust Members' Guide

Created for staff who've either been automatically enrolled or have just joined the Smart Pension Master Trust pension scheme. The guide covers:

  • Why should I save?
  • How your pension savings account works
  • How much tax you may pay
  • How you can opt out
  • Where your money is invested
  • Risk and reward
  • Where you can find out more information about your retirement options
  • Smart Pension contact information

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