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GenLife users… it's now time to use your Smart Pension account!

All GenLife Employers, their Advisers/Agents and members of the GenLife Master Trust (GLMT) have now received one or more communications advising them of the merger of GLMT with Smart Pension Master Trust (AEMT) – both schemes sponsored by Smart Pension.

All Signatories, Admins or Advisers of a GenLife employer should, by now, have received activation emails with login credentials to access your new Smart Pension account.

For support (including email and telephone contact details) please click on the most relevant boxes below:

  • Employers accessing your Smart Pension account for the first time - click to view

    Locate your activation email, following the instruction to access your employer account. You then need to complete the following tasks within your company 'To Do List'

    • check Check that Company and Personal Information we hold for you/your company is complete and accurate;
    • check Complete a direct debit mandate for payment of contributions to the scheme;
    • check Sign your revised Participation Agreement for AEMT – please note this may not be available until 15 September 2016.

    If you need any assistance, please email, or call 03336662323.

  • Payroll Agents or Advisers accessing your Smart Pension account for the first time - click to view

    If you already use the Smart Pension Adviser app, you should now see all GenLife companies within your account. If you do not have access to the Smart Pension Adviser portal, please email, or 03336662020.

  • Future Payroll and Contribution Administration - click to view

    Setting up your Payroll:

    It is important to note that all Active Members of the GenLife Master Trust, are automatically considered Active Members of the Smart Pension Master Trust (AEMT). On this basis, all future pay periods must be uploaded and administered via the Smart Pension systems, so please note the following information in setting upload your payroll:

    If your Payroll Software performs workforce assessment and calculates contributions - What do I need to do differently?

    Please contact your payroll software to request the Smart Pension PAPDIS 1.0 export ready for your first upload to Smart Pension. If you already use PAPDIS 1.0 to upload contributions into your GenLife Portal, then PAPDIS 1.0 can also be used for Smart Pension/AEMT subject to the following changes:

    • PensionProviderID – change FROM 'genlife' TO 'smartpension'
    • EmployerID – change from your GenLife 'Group Key' to the Smart Pension,
    • CompanyID - which can be found within your Smart Pension account at Menu>Company Details>Update Company (it is a 4 or 5 digit number);
    • Group ID - change from your GenLife 'Payroll Key' to 'default'

    WARNING: The GenLife Version 2 template will not upload to the Smart Pension

    If you require Smart Pension to run your workforce assessment and calculate contributions – What do I need to do?

    Please send your usual file through to, marking it 'Smart Pension file upload - contributions required' If you have a need for further advice and assistance, please contact your onboarding agent for further advice and assistance:

    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate contact us: Tel: 020 3817 6101 and choose option #2 Email:

    Processing your first payroll in Smart Pension:

    It is important to note that the Smart Pension system has been prepared to consider all Active Members of GenLife. Therefore, all assessments and contributions calculate continue as before, without the need to a 'Reenrolment Event'.

    Please note that the Pay Period Start Date of the first payroll file uploaded into Smart Pension must be the day after the Pay Period End Date of the final payroll uploaded to GenLife, without overlaps or gaps between periods.

    Final payment Genlife

    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate contact us: Tel: 020 3817 6101 and choose option #2 Email:

  • Payment of past and future Contributions for GenLife Migrating Employers - click to view

    When do I stop paying contributions via Bank Transfer to GenLife:

    Contribution payments due in respect of all payroll files into the GenLife system must continue to be paid to the GenLife Master Trust bank account, please contact for bank details and confirmation of the amounts outstanding.

    When do I start paying contributions via Direct Debit to Smart Pension:

    Contribution payments due in respect of payroll files uploaded into the Smart system will be taken via direct debit and paid to the Smart Pension Master Trust. Please ensure that you complete your Direct Debit.


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