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Smart Pension is pleased to announce its integration with Google Home which means that members can manage their personal pension account and update their contribution percentage with any Google Assistant enabled device, including Google's suite of Home devices. Just by saying simple voice commands allows for a complete, quick and efficient way to check and update your pension saving you invaluable time.

Smart Pension Google Home

The Smart Pension Google Home Action interacts directly with our API to provide you with a real-time and interactive experience with your Smart Pension account. Whether you are new to pensions or an expert, this is a great way to find out more about your scheme and even make changes to your account.

Update your contribution percentage

Review pension summary

Check up on your personal details such as your employee profile, beneficiary and total contributions.

Update Contribution

Update your contributions

Update your contribution percentage anytime, though please note the change will only be reflected in the next contribution cycle. The more you contribute, the more the government contributes in the form of income tax relief.

Stay Secured

Stay secured

Keep your Smart Pension account secure with Voice Match on your Google Home device.

Update your contribution percentage

Google Home

Smart Pension is the first pension provider to have voice integration. Connect your Google Assitant account or Home device to your Smart Pension account and hear a summary of your account, hear a latest fund report and find out how much you and your employer contributed recently.

With a simple voice command, you can quickly change your regular contributions. This will update your Smart Pension account and send you and your employer an email to confirm the changes you have made.

Secure google home

Stay secured

Google Home comes with Voice Match which allows you to lock your device to your voice. This means only you can access and amend your Smart Pension account. We recommend you activate Voice Match this to keep your account secure. You are prompted to enable Voice Match when you setup a device or can enable it in your device settings.

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Get smart mobile

The Smart Pension Action, works with Google Home devices plus the free Google Assistant app on your smartphone. This means you can launch the action on your Android or iOS device and speak to it in exactly the same way as you can with a Google Home device. A great way to stay up-to-date with your Smart Pension account whilst on the move.

Download Google Assistant for your phone and say 'Open Smart Pension'

Open smart pension

Once you have linked your Smart Pension account to Google Assistant, you can use the same voice commands as with your Google Home device.

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