The Complete Guide On How To Make Your Business Green

From short term quick wins to long term strategies, improving your business's green credentials should definitely be on the agenda.

Please read our guide for more on how to make your business green.

This complete and comprehensive guide gives you an introduction to sustainable living as well as green measures, initiatives and schemes, offering useful tips on what you can do to do make your business more eco friendly.

4. Green Services & Promoting an Eco-Conscious Companywide

To create an ecologically-minded business from top to bottom, you need to think outside the box and adopt practices you may not have previously considered.

This would mean branching outside the office space and thinking about the external factors of green living.

Throughout the guide we've looked to highlight many of the potential green measures your business could accommodate. However, it doesn't stop at installing the latest technology or reminding your employees to unplug their laptop chargers.

To create an ecologically-minded business from top to bottom, you need to think outside the box and adopt practices you may not have previously considered. This would mean branching outside the office space and thinking about the external factors of green living.

Sustainable energy suppliers & offsite data storage

Choose a renewable energy supplier

If you're not currently in a position to start generating your own renewable power, then why not consider buying energy from those who are ecologically aware? There are suppliers out there who are committed to green living and focused on bettering the world we live in rather than burning oil, coal or natural gas.

There are specialist energy suppliers who'll provide clean, affordable energy specifically to SMEs too and work hard to ensure always providing top notch customer service. Switching your energy supplier to a green tariff would showcase your environmental attitude and put your business in a good public light.

Consider offsite data storage


Surprisingly, there are still a large number of businesses storing data onsite. This can be expensive and often not the best practice when it comes to maintaining a green approach. A better option by far is to keep the data storage offsite, but it seems smaller companies especially haven't warmed to the idea.

In today's world though, the advance in technology means storing data offsite is easier than ever before. Cloud capabilities in particular can be harnessed and these offer significant benefits from both an environmental and cost perspective.

Your business won't be obliged to pay for energy costs of running the external servers and the chances are, your data will be stored in a larger ‘server farm', where there are high efficiency levels. What's more, your package can be scaled to meet demand and you'll have the opportunity to increase or reduce the data storage as and when applicable.

Eco-friendly commuting for employees

Creating a green business doesn't stop at reducing the energy used onsite. Travelling to and from work has a huge environmental burden and as a responsible employer, you should take an interest in transport.

Ride to work scheme

Eco friendly commuting ride to work scheme

It may sound simple, but an easy way to reduce carbon emissions and improve your business's green credentials is to encourage a ride to work scheme. Cars produce a huge number of nasty toxins and for those living near to the office, it's often quicker to cycle, rather than brave the traffic and pollute the environment.

To solve the problem, your business could sign-up to a ride to work scheme to promote cycling and help employees save money on their travel concurrently. In fact, the government does offer provisions under the Green Transport, for employers to provide tax-free bikes and cycle safety equipment.

There are certain organisations that'll assist in helping to take advantage of this government offer, such as Cyclescheme. They administer the process and often there wouldn't be a fee involved – as they work hand-in-hand with bicycle retailers.

Encourage car sharing

Again, this is a simple practice, yet one that just doesn't seem to take off. There are obvious benefits for the employees and they'll be able to take it in turns to drive to work, whilst sharing the costs of petrol.

Speak to your employees and try to arrange a suitable way for this scheme to work, whereby those living near each other would share transport. This would get more cars off the road and with it, drastically slash the carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.

There's also the added benefit of boosting staff morale and striking up new friendships in the workplace. Employees who didn't really know each other previously would start to spend more time together and of course, this wouldn't be a negative for your business.

Promote eco-friendly driving

This wouldn't be a case of preaching to your employees, but rather making them aware of the beneficial reasons to adapt their driving and focus on eco-friendliness. Not only would practicing eco-friendly driving be great for the environment, but it's also a safer why of driving whilst reducing your fuel bills too by consuming less petrol.

Some of the key points for driving in an eco-friendlier way would include:

  • Avoiding harsh accelerating or braking
  • Keeping to speed limits
  • Avoiding revving the engine
  • Considering the use of gears and changing to the highest possible when appropriate
  • Ensuring the tyres are optimally inflated, to prevent excess fuel use

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