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Auto enrolment is a huge change in the employment landscape for UK businesses, yet many owners / managers haven't even heard about workplace pensions and have no idea what automatic enrolment is.

Our Knowledge Bank allows you to quickly access a wealth of information about workplace pensions, whether you want to understand everything or just (in under 90 seconds) the essentials.

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1. Deadlines And Staging Dates

staging date

A company's deadline for automatically enrolling its qualifying employees is called its "staging date" (or "duties start date" for new employers who hire staff for the first time on or after 1st October 2017). This is a very important date and varies from company to company. To find your company's staging date, click here.

2. Free Interactive Tools And Guides

Auto enrolment can be a confusing and laborious process for business owners, so we have built some interactive tools and guides to help make things simpler and clearer.

Free Interactive Auto Enrolment Planner:

  • Need to work out your staging date?
  • Want to estimate what auto enrolment will cost your business per month?
  • Looking to plan your company's auto enrolment using one simple tool?

Click here to try out our free auto enrolment planner.

Free Interactive Auto Enrolment Penalties Guide:

  • What penalties might your own company face?
  • What types of penalties can The Pensions Regulator impose on companies?
  • Is prison a possible outcome of non-compliance?

Click here to find out with our free interactive penalties guide.

Interactive Pensions Income Calculator:

Our free calculator estimates how much more your pension could pay out per week when you retire,depending on how much additional money you put into your pension pot (per month between now and your state retirement age). Have a go, you could be pleasantly surprised!

Click here to try out our Interactive Pensions Income Calculator now.

Other Tools and Interactive Content:

We have also created some other tools and interactive pieces of content of a more informative nature:

Interactive Tools:


If you have suggestions for additional tools or animations, please let us know

4. Glossary

The world of workplace pensions and auto enrolment includes a lot of terms that may not be familiar to the average business owner, manager, accountant or other affected professional. Staging dates, declarations of compliance and The Pensions Regulator are certainly not every day terms for most UK employers. So we have put together a glossary simple English. If we have missed any important terms, please let us know

Click here to look a word up in our glossary now.

5. In Depth Articles, Government And 3rd Party Documents And News


In Depth Articles: Where we feel a topic is sufficiently important or interesting, or FAQs or elsewhere on the site, we have written detailed articles to explain these topics to you. Our articles include The Employer's Guide To Workplace Pensions and A Guide To Recent Changes In UK Pensions (we will keep this article updated with any new changes as and when they are announced by the UK government). If you would like to suggest a topic for an in depth article, please let us know.

Click here to view all our in depth articles.

Government Guidance & Other Helpful Links & Documents: In addition to our own articles, we have gathered and hosted all the most relevant reports and guidance documents issued by the UK government (including the Department for Work and Pensions and The Pensions Regulator), as well as useful links and reports from various other sources that we think you might find useful. Be warned, some of them are very detailed! If you think we are missing a report or resource, please let us know.

Click here to view all the guidance plus other documents and links that we have gathered.

Pensions News: As and when interesting things happen in the world of pensions, which seems to happen rather frequently of late, we'll be posting details to our news page and may include our own thoughts or comments too, where appropriate.

Click here to view our pensions news page.

6. Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully a lot of your questions will have been answered by the above sections. If not, perhaps our Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Enrolment/Workplace Pensions section can help. Here you will find the answers for the most commonly searched for /asked questions pertaining to auto enrolment.

Additionally, not only have we covered off the big questions, but also the fiddly grey areas and annoying odds and ends that will crop up for any UK SME implementing auto enrolment. We have split this into two separate pages: our Employer Information page, which answers common questions raised by employers, and our Employee Information page, which answers common questions raised by employees.

7. Employer Checklist

employer checklist

It is helpful, once you are ready to move to the implementation phase of your company's workplace pension, to have a checklist of documents and information that you will need to sign up and get compliant in one sitting. Our sign up flow is faster than any other sign up flow in the UK by a huge margin (it takes only a minute or two, on any device).

After you've signed up, there are a few other tasks to complete and some documents to provide to verify identities, so it helps to review our checklist if you want to get 100% set up in one sitting. Our Employer Checklist will tell you what you need to have to hand, to ensure you can sign up AND complete all additional tasks in one sitting.

If you have all the items on the checklist available, you should be able to complete everything, in one sitting, online, in only a few minutes.

You may also want to have a look at our interactive auto enrolment planner tool which helps you manage the enrolment process for free. Click here.

8. Compulsory Documents And Information For Employees

Once you have signed up with a pension provider, you will need to communicate with your employees about the new pension arrangements that are coming. Please do not neglect to do this as it is important and failure to do so (or to do so incorrectly) could result in significant penalties being imposed by The Pensions Regulator (see here for our "Penalties Information Hub").

Additional Letters & Materials: Please note, extra communications with your employees are required by UK law. We will generate these automatically for you if are a Smart Pension customer but non Smart Pension customers must check with their own pension provider to ensure their additional employee communication obligations are properly fulfilled.

Click here to use our document generator & inform your employees about auto enrolment now.

9. Compatibility With Payroll Providers

payroll compatibility

Using Smart Pension with any payroll provider is quick and easy. We are currently working on greater compatibility with all payroll providers. This will allow you to automatically import information into the Smart Pension platform from all payroll software providers. This increased compatibility will be ready soon.

If you have any suggestions for ways we could make Smart Pension even more compatible with your payroll provider, please let us know.

Our platform is compatible with Sage 50c Payroll. You can use Sage 50c Payroll to help you upload your employees to our platform quickly and easily, allowing you to become compliant faster.

Click here for information on how to upload your employees to our platform using Sage 50c Payroll.

You can also use Sage 50c Payroll to help you upload your payroll to our platform each month.

10. Why Smart Pension?

Why you should choose Smart Pension for your workplace pension

Thank you for reading this far. We hope you have found our Knowledge Bank helpful. If you have any feedback, please let us know.

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