Pensions Regulator Vows To Support Whistleblowers

21 May 2018

Pensions Regulator Vows To Support Whistleblowers More than 1.2 million employers have now gone through the auto enrolment process and more than 9.6 million people have gained a workplace pension as a result. There's no doubt that the scheme that was brought in by Sir Steve Webb and the coalition government has been a big success. But that doesn't mean there aren't some problems with a minority of employers that aren't meeting their auto enrolment duties.

As part of The Pensions Regulator's vow to get even tougher on those organisations that aren't taking automatic enrolment seriously and fulfilling their duties, they have revealed that they are receiving more than 80 reports every week about suspect employers. Writing on their website, Darren Ryder, The Pension Regulator's Director of Auto Enrolment said:

"Currently we receive more than 80 reports every week from people who suspect employers are breaking the law on workplace pensions. In the last 12 months those reports have directly led to around 600 employers being investigated for non-compliance."

"That may seem small compared to the almost 18,000 employers we issued automatic enrolment compliance notices to in the last three months of 2017 alone, or the 8,800 employers we fined in that period."

"But they represent 600 employers whose staff may have been losing out on pensions if we had not stepped in. Anyone who feels they might want to report something to us can visit our website for more information."

The Pensions Regulator has vowed to support any worker who whistleblows throughout any investigation to ensure that they do not suffer for doing the right thing. By reporting suspect employers Darren Ryder says, "one whistleblower's actions could give them and many of their colleagues a better financial future."

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