New Feature Update February 2017

27 February 2017

You asked and we listened!

Adviser or Employers A common feature request we have often received is for the administrator of a Smart Pension scheme to be able to download historic contributions for a range of dates or pay periods. We have always provided this functionality for the current pay period, but you could not set a date range for this report. Until now!

The new exports tool is available on the contributions page and allows you to use a number of filters to get the exact data set you need.

You can pick from pay period (weekly, monthly etc), the payment state of the contribution, the assessment category and a date range. In other words you can select all paid contributions for the last year (handy for a year end) or just look for any contributions related to entitled workers where the payment has not been processed. Once you have your selection you can select the Smart Pension export format which replicates what you see on the screen. Or you can export in a format that is ready to go into Sage 50. Useful if you use Sage and don't have the pensions module.

These filters are also available on the employee page allowing you to filter by name, membership status, group and your external / payroll ID.

For more information on payroll support and compatibility, please visit our payroll support page. For further information on Sage 50 Payroll, please visit our Sage page.

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