Working For Payroll

3 April 2017

Adviser Smart Pension has launched a new facility to help accountants and payroll bureaus support their clients through the pitfalls of automatic enrolment, using Smart Pension's FAST, SECURE and FREE portal.

Many accountancy firms and payroll bureaus have all encountered the same issues in the last four years in not having a panel of providers they can recommend to their clients for auto enrolment. This has allowed their clients to find their own providers! Some bad, some good but leaving those that run payroll with multiple logins, different systems to learn and often several different processes to upload their payroll files.

Smart Pension now has a bulk import facility where the accountant/payroll bureau can upload all of their clients onto their portal in one go. We have also created template letters that can be sent out to their clients confirming that Smart Pension is their preferred provider for automatic enrolment.

The letter will inform the SME Director or business owner that they will be enrolling them with Smart Pension, an auto enrolment provider that has a quality pension scheme, excellent underlying investments and a great support team which is endorsed externally. It is free to use for the employer, has a Master Trust Assurance Framework (MAF) accreditation and works in partnership with Legal & General. When the timescale quoted in the letter has passed, unless informed otherwise, they then can bulk upload all those clients that wish to proceed by a simple click of a button on their portal.

When the information has been uploaded, the SME Director/business owner will receive an email asking them to sign in and complete the necessary tasks, which are all straightforward, whilst the portal is user-friendly. This will set the SME on the road to compliance with no unnecessary fines.

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