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Merit Software seamlessly integrates with Smart to provide Merit's first full API solution for automatic enrolment. Try it today.

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We are delighted to announce our full API integration with Merit Payroll Software, the first and only auto enrolment pension provider to have a direct API link to Merit. This integration means that advisers with Merit users, will soon enjoy a one click contribution upload to transfer data instantly, this means that the entire process will be streamlined, saving time, and reducing human error - making CSV and PAPDIS files a thing of the past!

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Smart Pension API ready

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This full API integration was completed in under six weeks, which displays the shared passion for increased efficiency and smooth user experience that both Smart and Merit have strived to achieve.

If you have any questions about this new integration please contact your Smart Pension adviser support or Merit Payroll Software.

HMRC recognised

Electronic interface to HM Revenue & Customs.


Simple data access drill-down facilities for complex payroll and invoicing enquiries.

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Including built-in report generator for end users.

Quick and accurate

Payments to Temps and Staff & invoicing to clients.

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