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Tired of CSVs? Our payroll partners have used our API to connect your payroll with your Smart Pension account.

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Bye bye, CSVs. Hello, Smart Pension ready payroll.

Smart Pension API

Smart Pension has teamed up with a number of payroll providers to bring you a best-in-class solution to automatic enrolment. Using our dedicated API (Application Programming Interface), our software partners have directly integrated their payroll applications with Smart Pension. This approach allows you to complete the end-to-end process of automatic enrolment without the need for error prone CSV files.

One click and you're done!

How it works

The Smart Pension platform is built on our dedicated API. Our partners have integrated with our API which allows them to replicate the functionality of Smart Pension from within their own software.

This means you can turn on your payroll application and carry out the same functions as if you were logged into the Smart Pension website. From creating a new pension scheme and adding employees, to assessing them and submitting pension contributions. It can all be done from your payroll application without the need to visit our website or upload CSV files.

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Smart Pension API Partners

Whether you are a business owner and run your own payroll or you are a payroll bureau and run many payrolls at one time, there is a one-click solution for you.

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Payroll Provider Smart Pension API Ready Assess employees Calculate Contributions Submit Contributions Scheme Set Up Postponement Manage Membership Batch Processing
Primo Payroll
The Payroll Site

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A Feature Rich API

Perfect for business owners and payroll bureaus with many clients

Scheme Set Up

Your payroll application knows about your company and all your employees, so we provide the functionality to let payroll create the pension scheme on Smart Pension from within the payroll application. If your software doesn't support scheme set up simply copy your Company ID and API Key into your payroll account and you are ready to go.

Add / Update Employees

As your business grows, so does your pension scheme. Each time new employees are added to your payroll we will set up a new Smart Pension account for them. Additionally, if their home address or contact details change we can synchronise that information too.

Submit Contributions

When you assess your employees and calculate their pension contributions, these amounts can be submitted to your Smart Pension account with one click. If you later realise you have made a mistake you can also edit existing contributions before they are invested.

Manage Membership

Employees can choose to opt out or rejoin the scheme, as well as increase their contribution percentage. Keeping track of these changes is simple with our API. Payroll software can get the latest changes before you run payroll, meaning you are always up-to-date.


If you plan to use postponement you can set the deferral date from within your payroll application and we will take care of the rest, including sending the relevant letters to your employees. You can also set ongoing postponement rules for new employees during their probation period.

Batch Processing

If you are a payroll bureau or accountant and manage many payrolls you will love our batch processing options. These tools take common tasks and combine them into one job. Whether it is setting up schemes for many companies, or submitting multiple payrolls, these can all be done with a single click.

Developers, get your software integrated with Smart Pension in just a couple of weeks.

Our easy to follow developers' documentation and live support from our dedicated development team mean you can quickly integrate your software with Smart Pension.

Have a look at our implementation guides here: Learn more.

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