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MyPAYE is a cloud based payroll package with Smart Pension built in.

MyPAYE is directly integrated with the Smart Pension API meaning you are one click away from completing your auto enrolment duties.

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Bye bye CSVs. Hello MyPAYE.

MyPaye and Smart Pension API

MyPAYE is a powerful cloud-based payroll application that comes packed with features and with the tools you need for auto enrolment thrown in free of charge. The MyPAYE team has integrated with the Smart Pension API to enable swift submission of pension contributions. Because MyPAYE is cloud based, you can be sure your payroll is always up-to-date and should you need to, you can access your payroll from anywhere with an internet connection.

MyPAYE Makes Auto Enrolment Easy.

Just sign up with Smart Pension and copy your Company ID and API Key over to MyPAYE and you are instantly connected. Next time you run your payroll, MyPAYE will assess your employees, calculate their pension contributions and submit the amounts to your Smart Pension account.

If your employees change their contribution percentages or choose to opt out or rejoin the scheme, MyPAYE stays up-to-date. All of this is done without the hassle of CSV files.

As your business grows, MyPAYE will add new employees to your Smart Pension scheme and even manage any postponement periods you set.

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One Click Submissions. Instant Results.

As soon as you submit your pension contributions to Smart Pension, you can see the amounts that are due to be invested into your pension scheme.

New employees are sent welcome letters and all statutory communications for automatic enrolment or postponement are managed for you.

MyPAYE starts from just:

£1 per month per paid employee!

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Say goodbye to CSVs and move to a one click auto enrolment solution with MyPAYE.

MyPAYE is just £1 per month per paid employee.
Plus Smart Pension customers get two months free with promo code: SMARTPENS

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