Primo Payroll is a cloud based payroll package with Smart Pension built in.

Primo Payroll is directly integrated with the Smart Pension API meaning you are one click away from completing your auto enrolment duties.

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Bye bye CSVs. Hello Primo Payroll.

Primo Payroll

Primo Payroll is an enterprise level payroll package designed from the ground up to suit SMEs, accountants and large payroll bureaus. This cloud based software has the Smart Pension API built in to every feature.

Set up your pension scheme, assess your staff and submit their pension contributions without leaving Primo Payroll.

From just £0.60p per employee
per month.

Introducing Primo Payroll & Smart Pension

Get started, get setup and go with Primo Payroll.

You can create your Smart Pension account, assess your staff, calculate their pension contributions and submit the amounts to be invested, all without leaving Primo Payroll.

>Set up your scheme to suit you.

When your staging date approaches, Primo Payroll will prompt you to set up your workplace pension. With just a single click you can have your Smart Pension account set up, just the way you want it. Don't just stick with the defaults, set your own scheme rules for contribution percentages, postponement or pensionable earnings.

From then on, each time you run your payroll, Primo Payroll will automatically synchronise with your Smart Pension scheme.

Always stay up-to-date.

New hires? No problem, as you grow your new employees are assessed and where relevant, automatically enrolled into the scheme.

If your staff update their contribution percentages, choose to opt out or rejoin the scheme, Primo Payroll stays up-to-date with your Smart Pension account.

No more CSV imports to run before payroll, just one click and you're done!

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Want to switch your payroll provider? No problem!

Primo Payroll offers a payroll migration service helping you to move from your existing payroll software to your new Primo Payroll account.

Even if you are part way through your tax year, Primo Payroll can help you move across easily so you can benefit from one clck integration with Smart Pension in time for your next pay run.

Move across today from just £0.60p
per employee, per month.

Perfect for Payroll Bureaus.

If you manage multiple payrolls, then Primo Payroll could be your perfect partner.

Primo Payroll is directly integrated with your Smart Pension Adviser account allowing you to create multiple schemes and batch submit pension contributions all within payroll.

Smart Pension Adviser Platform built in.

Scheme Set up for one or multiple employers at once.

Client notifications with the pension dashboard.

Submit payroll data for multiple employers automatically.

Automatic updates for all your schemes.

Primo Payroll

Say goodbye to CSVs and move to a one click auto enrolment solution with Primo Payroll.

Primo Payroll starts from just £0.60p per month per employee. Click below and get a one month free trial.

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