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Our range of accredited payroll products has been designed to help businesses, accountancy firms and payroll bureaux manage payroll effortlessly.

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Qtac has been providing payroll solutions to businesses and payroll providers for over 20 years. We are a customer-centric, experienced team of payroll professionals providing flexible and tailored support backed by operational excellence. Our key focus is to make the management of compliant payroll as straightforward as possible for our clients, whether they are small businesses or large payroll bureaux processing multiple payrolls on a monthly basis.

Effortless payroll management

All of our accredited payroll software comes with class-leading features designed to enable effortless payroll management. It is HMRC recognised for RTI, BACs & ISO9001 accredited with full auto enrolment support included.

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Tailored support from our experienced payroll team

Our managed payroll customers receive tailored support from our experienced payroll team, reducing the burden of internal payroll processing.

Qtac prides itself in being the payroll partner of choice, providing the right payroll solution whatever you need, whether software or a fully managed service.

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