Payroll Compatible Auto Enrolment Solutions

We are compatible with a wide variety of payroll providers some of which have integrated directly
with us for one click data submission via the Smart Pension API, or offer pensionsync.

Pensionsync have integrated with our API to automate the transfer of pension data from payroll into the Smart Pension platform. If you are already using a pensionsync enabled payroll package, you can pass data to directly today! Click to learn more about the payroll software currently supported by pensionsync.

Will Lovegrove
CEO of pensionsync

Our partnership with Smart Pension means Employers and Payroll Bureaus who use pensionsync-enabled payroll software can dramatically reduce the time needed each pay period to upload data.

How will pensionsync save me time?

  • Increases efficiency: pensionsync provides AE data transfer in a similar way to your FPS (Full Payment Submission) & EPS (Employer Payment Summary) submissions.
  • No manual input: pensionsync removes the need for manually checking and manipulating CSV files.
  • Reduced errors: pensionsync validates your data against Smart Pension’s requirements & fixes common reasons for file failure. Where errors occur, these are fixed in your payroll system.
  • Increases synchronisation: pensionsync keeps your system notified of pension scheme changes, opt ins and opt outs with no need for manual data entry.

How will pensionsync lower risk?

  • Reduces risk of data loss: Data can only be sent to the correct recipient via highly secure application programme interfaces (APIs) which are fully encrypted at all stages.

How will pensionsync grow my business?

  • Grows your business: Rather than limit your business through manual processes, pensionsync frees up resources so that you can competitively price your proposition and take on more clients.
  • Promotes choice: pensionsync works with all of the main whole of “market” workplace pension providers, so you can provide your clients with choice without compromising service.

Pensionsync currently supports the following payroll software:

Auto enroll me
Bright pay
Fmp global
Iris payroll professional
Opt enrol
My digital accounts

Smart Pension is pensionsync enabled

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