Smart Pension's Quarterly Investment Explained

Welcome to the Quarterly Investment Report for Smart Pension. It shows Smart Pension has delivered a good investment performance to the end of 2016, with four of our default funds beating their benchmark over the last 12 months. Most of our members are invested in default fund 1, which returned more than 19% in 2016 despite the effects of Brexit on markets. Read more in the full report or see the summary below.

How We invest

Effective Lifestyling

We created default funds to suit members' needs through their working lives.

High Quality Investments

We use funds which are cost-effective and provide the purest form of index tracking.


We split investments across different geographical locations and use investment funds holding large numbers of stocks and shares.


Aims for higher growth, but incurs more risks with higher volatility.

Aims for a more conservative approach with lower risk.

Aims for a balance between growth and risk.

Aims to defend pension value with lower risks and lower growth opportunity.

Aims to track the performance of a world index, through investment in a diversified portfolio of securities, which meets Islamic investment principals interpreted by the Sharia Committee.

The Funds We Include

Each default fund contains a mix of investments. A fund pools together the money from investors and invests into different assets e.g. cash, bonds, equities. We spread members' pension pots across large numbers of shares to reduce the risk of any one investment under-performing. We do this by using a type of unit trust called Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs that are particularly cost-effective. These charts show the regional allocation of the investments in a default fund. We split investments between different geographical locations to reduce the risks. This is called 'diversification'.

What We Invest

Lifestyle Default Funds

The Default Funds allocate members' pension assets depending on their age and time until retirement. There are four Default Funds: 1, 2, 3 and 4. Most members will be invested in Default Fund 1 which is designed for men and women up to the age of 58 years. As members get older, they will progress through the other Default Funds until retirement. In most of a member’s working life we are choosing investments to grow value whilst they can afford to take more risk. Then, as a member approaches retirement, we reduce the investment risk by using a different mix of investment assets. This is called a 'lifestyling ' arrangement.

Read the full version of Smart Pension's quarterly report

Quarterly Investment Report

Read Smart Pension's investment report as at 28th February 2017

Quarterly Investment Report
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