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Smart Pension Master Trust Scheme Information

On this page you will find information on the Smart Pension Master Trust Scheme, with details on both the trust and the scheme.

Trust Details

Scheme Name Smart Pension Master Trust
Scheme Type DC Master Trust
Corporate Trustee
Sponsoring Employer
Scheme Administrators
  • Smart Governance Limited,
  • a company incorporated in England (registered number 12295061)
  • whose registered office is at:
  • 40 Eastbourne Terrace
  • Paddington
  • London, W2 6LG
  • United Kingdom
  • https://www.autoenrolment.co.uk
Investment Advisers
  • Default Fund Investment
  • Managers
Legal and General Investment Management
Blended Funds
  • Smart Growth - Higher Risk
  • Smart Growth - Moderate Risk
  • Smart Growth - Lower Risk
  • Smart De-risking Fund
  • Smart Lower Risk Fund
Equity Investments
  • Smart UK FTSE 100 Equity Index Fund
  • Smart World (ex UK) Developed Equity Index Fund
  • Smart North America Equity Index Fund
  • Smart World Emerging Markets Equity Index Fund
Fixed Interest
  • Smart All Stocks Index–Linked Gilts Index Fund
  • Smart Overseas Bond Index Fund -GBP Hedged
  • Smart Cash Fund
Other Specialist Funds
  • Smart Ethical Global Equity Index Fund
  • Smart Sharia Fund
Specialist Funds- Pre/At Retirement
  • Smart Income Fund
  • Smart Annuity Fund
Master Assurance Framework MAF Accredited

Scheme Details

TPR Scheme Reference 12011089
PSTR (tax ref) 00820230RM
Early Retirement Allowed Yes, from age 55 or serious ill health
Transfers-In Allowed Yes
Bulk Transfers-In Allowed Bespoke
Transfers-Out Allowed Yes to Registered Scheme
Bulk Transfers-Out Allowed Bespoke
Partial Transfers-Out Allowed Yes, subject to certain minimum amounts.
Transfer Charges There are no transaction charges for transfers in or out.
Waiver of Contribution Cover N/A
Guarantees There are no GARs or other guaranteed results.
Investment Strategy
  • Blended Funds
  • Equity Investment
  • Fixed Interest
  • Cash
  • Other Specialist Funds
  • Specialist Funds - Pre/At Retirnement
Investment Switches No charge. Switches between default strategies only.
  • Smart Pension Master Trust
  • Member Charges
The % AMC p.a. varies with each investment strategy for the full list please click here.
Active and Deferred Members Charges are the same
Cash Lump Sum 25%
Scheme Pension Payments Not at this moment
Retirement Options
  • Leave invested after SRA
  • Small Fund Commutation
  • Transfer to provider of Annuities or Drawdown
  • Commencement Cash
  • Lump Sum Only
Not at this moment
Small Fund Commutation Available
Benefits on Death Return of Fund

The information provided on this page has been prepared from the most recent data available at the time of issue. The final benefit payable will always be subject to the Trust Deed and Rules of the Scheme and any exercisable discretion, all prevailing legislation. The Scheme is not contracted-out and no GMP elements can be transferred-in. Transfer values are not guaranteed and unit prices may fluctuate up and down until day of release.

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