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Automatic Enrolment For UK Employment/Recruitment Agencies

The automatic enrolment legislation requires UK employers from all sectors, including those in the recruitment business, to enrol all their eligible employees into a workplace pension scheme. Find out more below.

Auto Enrolment For Employment / Recruitment Agencies

Did you know that The Pensions Act (2008) requires all UK employers from all sectors, including those in recruitment businesses, to enrol all their eligible employees into a workplace pension scheme by a certain date? Failure to do so could result in your company having to fork out for a fine of up to £10,000 a day or even worse, imprisonment.

So whether you're a contingency agency, or specialise in hiring for temporary positions, and whether you specialise in recruitment for the financial sector or the IT industry, you will need to ensure that you are ready by the 'staging date' set out by the government. If you're employing staff for the first time on or after 1st October 2017, you will need to provide your first member of staff with a workplace pension on the day they start work. This date is known as an employer's 'duties start date'.

auto enrolment for employment/recruitment agency

Other Key Features Of Smart Pension Include:

Online Management:

Everything can be managed online. Once you are signed up, start setting up your workplace pension. You can choose to create employee groups or let us work it all out for you so that those of your employees that qualify for automatic enrolment will receive the minimum legal required contribution from your company.

Easy To Make Changes:

Once your employee details are uploaded into our system, they are stored and remembered for next time and, should there be any changes - such as a change of salary for a senior recruitment consultant or a new graduate trainee joining the team - you can update these details in just a few clicks, which is particularly helpful in employment agencies where employee turnover is typically high.

Instant Direct Debit:

Setting up direct debit is an easy one step process whereby your bank account is validated and set up instantly.

Automatic And Compulsory Employee Documentation:

Educational documentation and material is generated automatically, with your company name and logo optionally included, and can be shared with your employees prior to enrolment but before the crucial 'staging date' and also post enrolment, when employees have already been signed up. We stay on top of it so you don't have to*.

Employee Self Administration:

Your employees can then make informed decisions and manage their opt in / opt out statuses as well as amend their level of contribution without you having to get involved, thus giving you more time to do your day job.

For further information and more details about the unique features of Smart Pension and how it could work for your employment/recruitment agency, you should have a look at the Why Choose Smart Pension? page. Or alternatively, you can book an appointment to speak to one of our experienced team members via our booking form.

Smart Pension Automatic Enrolment Case Study

Ms Claire Matthews of cleaning company, Apple Blossom Cleaning, found that her main challenge with auto enrolment was understanding "what our obligation was" and "understanding all the different aspects of eligibility". With a "wide array of providers and the different approaches" to choose from, Ms Matthews decided to proceed with Smart Pension as the company's automatic enrolment workplace pension provider primarily due to the fact that it was one of very few providers that are completely free for employers (with no set-up fees, ongoing fees or hidden charges) plus it offered the support of a highly experienced customer service team.

Initially, Ms Matthews had a few issues with the set-up and with uploading employee contributions but with the help of the Smart Pension support team, she was able to get the guidance she needed and quickly became compliant with her new employer duties. Ms Matthews said:

"The team have been exceptional in helping me through. They are quick to reply and have called when I was really stuck. They kept calm and were patient as I was; they explained what I needed to do. The information is all on the website but I needed to be talked through step-by-step and they were very good at this."

As required by law and part of the employer's auto enrolment duties, she also added that "the communication to the employees is very useful". As a result, Ms Carter would happily recommend Smart Pension as workplace pension provider to other companies going through the process of automatic enrolment.

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* Please note that you are responsible for meeting your deadlines, not us. We cannot accept any responsibility if you miss your deadline.

The Smart Pension automatic enrolment workplace pension platform is designed specifically for auto enrolment but is tailored to meet your employment/recruitment agency needs.

Smart Pension is also well suited to the needs of other sectors, particularly those with a higher turnover, such as hospitality businesses, construction businesses, farming businesses, call centres, retailers, and employers of home helpers/domestic staff such as personal carers, nannies and cleaners.

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