Auto Enrolment For Farm Owners and Businesses

Farm owners and businesses

Are you aware of new laws that require all UK employers from all sectors, including those who own farms where the number of farm workers tends to fluctuate, to enrol all their eligible employees into a workplace pension scheme by a certain date? Failure to do so could result in a rather hefty fine or even worse, imprisonment. So whether you keep grazing livestock such as cattle, or are a dairy farmer primarily involved in the production of milk, or a producer of cereal crops, you need to ensure that you are compliant by the staging date set out by the government.

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Other Key Features Of Smart Pension Include:

Online Management:

Once you are signed up, setting up your workplace pension is easy peasy. Employee groups are really simple to set up should you wish to reflect employee seniorities in the contributions you make to their pension, or simply let us do the work and we’ll ensure that your qualifying employees receive the minimum legal required contribution from your company.

Easy To Make Changes:

Enter your employee details once and we remember it for the next payroll run. Should there be any changes, such as a change of salary for your farm hands or a new labourer joining the team, you can update these details within a few clicks, which is particularly helpful if you run a farm, where employee turnover tends to fluctuate depending on the season.

Instant Direct Debit:

Our direct debit set up is a quick and easy, one step process whereby your bank account is verified and set up in a few seconds. It really couldn’t be any easier.

Automatic And Compulsory Employee Documentation:

Compulsory documentation for your employees is automatically generated with your company name and logo included (optional), and are sent out prior to the crucial ‘staging date’ and also once employees are signed up for their pension. We do all the legwork so you don’t have to*.

Employee Self Administration:

Employees also have the ability to manage their status as to whether they want to opt in or opt out, select the level of their own employee contribution as well as make sure their details are current and up to date, all without you having to get involved.

For further information and more details about the unique features of Smart Pension and how it could work for your retail business, you should have a look at the About Smart Pension page. Or if you want one of our advisors to contact you, please complete this short Contact Me form.

Still not so sure what auto enrolment is? For more information on auto enrolment, this short video, Auto enrolment explained, tells you what it is and what it means for UK businesses.

Worried about penalties and how it could apply to you? For more information on penalties, this short video, Penalties explained, tells you about the fixed and daily penalties that can be issued to companies by The Pensions Regulator.

* Please note that you are responsible for meeting your deadlines, not us. We cannot accept any responsibility if you miss your deadline.

Smart Pension is designed specifically for auto enrolment but is tailored to meet your UK call centre business needs.

Smart Pension is also well suited to the needs of other sectors, particularly those with a higher turnover, such as hospitality businesses, retailers, employment/recruitment agencies, call centres, farm owners, and employers of home helpers such as personal carers, nannies and cleaners.

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