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Use our free video generator to create a branded employee education video for your company or clients.

Our free video generator lets you comply in seconds with your duty to educate and inform your employees about their workplace pension.

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See our tips on how to make a great video below.

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Tips on how to make a great video:

  • File size: Your logo should be 1MB or less.
  • File type: We can accept, JPG, GIF and PNG files.
  • Don't put special charecters in the company name field e.g. £ ” > & ( ) * etc. This will prevent a clean address like: /you-company-name being made.
  • Image width: The width of the video is 800px so we recommend a logo that is around 500px wide, or less.
  • Image height: We add your contact details above your logo at the end of the video so it is best if the height of your logo is not above 215px.
  • Your logo will appear on a white background, so for best results we recomend that your logo has a white backround too (see the example above).
  • These are just tips, if you don't get it right first time, come back and try again!

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