Lost Pensions Guide

In a 2013 AGE UK survey it was revealed that 23% of adults in the UK have lost track of at least one pension scheme.

Lost pensions guide

Please read our guide for more information on lost pensions.

Our guide also tells you what to do if you think you have lost your pension.

In an effort to try and understand the UK public's thoughts on retirement and how they intend to plan for it, a leading UK charity (Age UK) undertook a survey.

Interestingly, the survey found that many UK adults have lost a pension over the course of their life. The main reasons for this are as follows: people move jobs more, people move house more and younger people may not always understand the value or importance of a pension.

Please have a read of our guide to find out why people lose their pensions, and how to check if you have lost a pension yourself. Our guide will also give pointers on how to trace and recover a lost workplace pension. This includes the information that you will need to be able to track your pension, the places that you should try and look for your lost pension, and also the type of questions you need to ask when you have found out who your pension provider was. Finally, the guide will provide information on how to avoid losing your pension, and will deal with a number of frequently asked questions, such as 'How much money is estimated to be sitting in pensions that people have lost track of?' and 'Is it easy to track down a lost pension?'

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