Payroll Compatible Auto Enrolment Solutions

We are compatible with a wide variety of payroll providers some of which have integrated directly
with us for one click data submission via the Smart Pension API, or offer pensionsync.

Payroll support options

Smart Pension allows you to upload your payroll to be assessed in your Smart Pension account, alternatively you can upload payroll from your payroll software that has been pre-assessed and the relevant pension contributions calculated.

Additionally, we accept one click submissions using our own API or via pensionsync.

This page describes how you can connect your payroll application with your Smart Pension account and lists support options from a number of popular payroll providers.

Click below for a list of popular payroll providers and the type of pension support they offer.

Compatible Payroll Providers

For information about our payroll bureau partners, please send an email to bureaus@smartpension.co.uk and we'll be in touch.

Choose a payroll option that best suits your business needs.

Smart Pension Assessment

At Smart Pension, we provide templates which can be found in the Payroll section of your account, where payroll software can generate employee data and salary amounts for each employee. This file is then submitted to our application and we run the assessment and calculate the pension contributions for you.

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One-Click Payroll

Payroll software providers like MY PAYE, Brightpay, The Payroll Site and Primo Payroll (with more coming soon), who are directly integrated with the Smart Pension API, are able to submit employee, payroll and contributions data from within their payroll application directly to Smart Pension with just a single click.

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Pre-Assessed Payroll

Many payroll providers have a built in pensions module that allow you to export a pre-assessed pension contribution file in the Papdis standard to import into your Smart Pension account. If your payroll application does not yet support Papdis then we have provided instructions on how to make this file in the report designer for your payroll application.

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Pensionsync have integrated with our API to automate the transfer of pension data from payroll straight into the Smart Pension platform. If your payroll software provider already has an established partnership with pensionsync then you have the ability to pass employee, payroll and contributions data over to Smart Pension with a single click. Please see the table below for more details.

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Compatible payroll providers

This table lists a number of popular payroll applications that are currently compatible with Smart Pension. You can see if your payroll application can work with the Smart Pension assessment tool or if it can produce a pre-calculated pension contribution file using Papdis.

We also display the payroll applications that support one click pension submissions using pensionsync or our own API.

Payroll Provider Smart Pension Assessment PAPDIS Pensionsync Smart Pension API Ready
Fmp global
Moorepay blue logo
The payroll site
Hmrc paye logo
Livepay logo
Just accounts
Brain payroll
My digital accounts
Payroll business solution
Staffology payroll
Opt enrol
Auto enroll me


Not yet supported

Supported via direct integration

Coming very soon!

* Please note that only Sage One is currently Smart Pension API Ready and Sage 50 will be coming in early 2020.

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