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BrightPay has everything you need to manage your payroll and fulfil your auto enrolment duties. It looks great, it's really easy to use, and support is free. Try it today.

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Bye bye CSVs. Hello BrightPay.

BrightPay and Smart Pension API

BrightPay is a payroll and auto enrolment software that makes managing payroll easy. The user interface is easy to use, even when it comes to complex tasks such as RTI submissions and auto enrolment. BrightPay is integrated with the Smart Pension API allowing customers to submit their data from within BrightPay with just one click.

BrightPay has a 99% customer satisfaction rate, plus 99.5% of their customers think that the user interface is user-friendly.


BrightPay for Employers

For employers, BrightPay is an easy to use solution with no limitations on the number of employees that can be processed. The auto enrolment features can automate the employer duties saving you time. It is the perfect tool for managing your employees' payroll and auto enrolment duties.

For employers with three or fewer employees, you can use the free licence with full functionality including automatic enrolment. BrightPay also offers an easy
import from HMRC Basic PAYE tools (BPT).

Employer Licence price: £199 + VAT / tax year.
Small employer with up to three employees: FREE

60 Day Free Trial

BrightPay for Payroll Bureaus

For bureaus, BrightPay is the perfect way to manage payroll for several employers. BrightPay's bureau licence offers unlimited employers, unlimited employees, free auto enrolment functionality with free email and phone support. The bureau licence also includes CIS and a payslip facility all at no extra charge.

Bureau Licence price: £199 + VAT / tax year.

60 Day Free Trial

Direct integration with Smart Pension

BrightPay is directly integrated with the Smart Pension API connecting payroll with your pension scheme. With a single click, you can simply submit your contributions to Smart Pension from within BrightPay each time you run payroll.

BrightPay customers benefit from:

Significant time saving.

No more CSV errors.

Data accuracy.

Straightforward processing.

One click pension contributions.

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Say goodbye to CSVs and move to a one click auto enrolment solution with BrightPay.

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Smart Pension is compatible with the Windows version of Brightpay software.

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