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Switching pension provider

On this page you will find information, including a step-by-step guide, on how to transfer from your existing auto enrolment workplace pension provider over to Smart Pension.

Switching your pension provider

If you're thinking about switching your pension provider, whether its because you are dissatisfied with your current provider or whether its because you're approaching automatic re-enrolment and your current provider is no longer the right fit for your company, then Smart Pension is the obvious choice.

Switching to our Award-winning platform is easy

Smart Pension
  • easy to switch/re-enrol -the UK's only purpose-built platform, including dedicated member, employer and advisers
  • more payroll integrations than any other provider
  • great value for employers and professional advisers
  • sophisticated fund selections and lifestyling
  • MAF accredited
  • flexible and customisable to reflect your brand
  • top tier provider listed by The Pensions Regulator
  • leaders through continual and relevant innovation

Below we talk a little more about why you should choose to switch from your auto enrolment pension provider over to Smart Pension and the three simple steps to do so.

If, however, you want to skip ahead and start the transfer process over to Smart Pension, simply click the button below.

Switch to Smart Pension

Why choose Smart Pension?

Smart Pension Founded by a team of experienced finance and technology professionals, Smart Pension is a MAF-accredited online auto enrolment provider. Its platform was built specifically to help the thousands of small UK businesses sign their employees up to a workplace pension scheme, as required by law. Our team spent over a year developing and testing the platform whilst also establishing the partnerships necessary to meet regulatory requirements and deliver a seamless end-to-end experience.

Our Master Trust is overseen by professional trustees with decades of experience in supervising large pension schemes. Our administiation is managed in-house by our own pension experts, allowing us to be more versatile and to bring you and your employees the best possible pensions experience with 100% security.

In 2016, Legal and General Investment Management took a minority stake in our digital pension platform, part of a move by them to invest in high-achieving, innovative technology that has a positive impact on the wider UK economy.

To find out more why you should switch over from your auto enrolment pension provider to Smart Pension, click the button below.

Why Smart Pension

Best Choice For You

Smart Pension Smart Pension already offers the fastest, best value workplace pension for UK employers and our Adviser Platform has been built from the ground up to help advisers and agents auto enrol and manage clients quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money, and your clients fees.

We are passionate about helping you to deliver the best service and value to your clients.

Built specifically for auto enrolment, by a team with decades of experience in both pensions and technology, Smart Pension is the solution the professional market has been waiting for – ultra quick and very easy to use, with a robust underlying pension proposition, no set up or ongoing fees for you or your clients, and a simple, great value charging structure for members.

We take pride in our product, our innovation and our people and we hope you'll take pride in us

Automatic re-enrolment with Smart Pension

If you're an employer who already uses Smart Pension for assessment then you'll be pleased to know that our advanced technology platform continues to do the heavy lifting so you don't have to.

Unlike some pension providers out there that require the employer to carry out the complex automatic re-enrolment process themselves, our platform will alert employers which of their staff should be automatically re-enrolled, and which of them are optional. This will help employer's avoid the burden of doing it themselves thus saving them invaluable time and resource which can be better spent elsewhere.

Our cutting-edge application will also carry out the assessment and send out the relevant letters to inform staff of the automatic re-enrolment process and how it will affect them, which is part of an employer's ongoing legal responsibility. This is also a very useful feature for those who operate older or less feature-rich payroll software which typically doesn't have the capability to carry out the assessment function.

Learn more about automatic re-enrolment and the four important steps employers must carry out to meet their workplace pension duties.

How can I switch from my current pension provider over to Smart Pension?

If you want to transfer over to Smart Pension from your current pension provider, then it couldn't be easier. Please follow the 3 simple steps below:

1. Setting up your company on our Smart Pension platform

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Contact us if you require assistance on:

  • Adviser Support 0333 666 2020, Option 1
  • Direct Company Support 0333 666 2323

2. Submitting your information

Simply submit your details below and we will email you the relevant documents to complete in order to start the transfer process from your current auto enrolment pension provider over to Smart Pension.

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3. Transferring & uploading of payroll data

  • Call us to discuss payroll compatibility
  • Free training and assistance with the transferring/uploading of any payroll
  • Adviser Payroll Support on 0333 666 2020, Option 2
  • Direct Company Payroll Support 0333 666 2323

When switching over from your current provider to Smart Pension, you may or may not wish to move across any existing funds. To find out how you can transfer existing funds over to Smart Pension, head over to our Pension Transfers (Group Transfers-in) page to find out more.

Summary - Pension switching checklist

1. Set up your company on the Smart Pension platform.

2. Complete and submit the documentation sent to you with your information:

  • Fact Find document
  • Employee opt in/out/cease membership spreadsheet

3. Transfer and upload your payroll data.

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