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Read some of our customer' testimonials and reviews to see what they have to say about the Smart Pension platform and our world class customer service.

"I operate around 40 payrolls and having struggled for a twelve month with pension. I gained a new client who was already with Smart Pension a scheme I hadn't used before. The help I have had has been absolutely outstanding. The guidance and step by step guide from Teresa with e-mails and phone calls, her patience and willingness to resolve issues we incurred resulted in a successful setup. If I was allowed to recommend I wouldn't have any hesitation in saying SMART PENSION and I hope that in the future I will be dealing much more with them. Many Thanks."

Jenni, 05/05/17

"You really are very good at your job.
So helpful, and knowledgeable.
Thanks so much for your help."

Richard, 02/05/17

"I have set up about 30 so far, easy to use and the staff on the helpdesk are fantastic."

James T, 04/04/17

"Can I just say thank you for your help today which was absolute clear and precise and solved hours of head scratching? I am quite sure it gets quite boring going over the same material but your clarity was appreciated - my experience of help desks is less than stellar!!!!"

Stefan, 17/03/17

"I have just used your 0333 666 2323 helpline and spoken to a lady named Jane. In this day and age where helplines often fail dismally to live up to their description it is immensely satisfying to use one as helpful as yours. As a small employer I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time wading through online admin where assistance is reluctant or unavailable. With yourselves I did not have to hold or go through the usual button pressing routine but was connected to proper, friendly and polite help straight away. No need to record your calls for training purposes! My thanks to Jane and yourselves for first rate service."

Adam F, 13/02/17

"Thank you so much. I am so happy with the help you have given our company. We are not internet savvy and appreciate the extra support."

Jill B, 07/02/17

"I have to repeat again that the service I have received from your company throughout the compliance process has been exceptional and thank you to all who have been so patient with me."

Jenny W, 06/02/17

"We have been using Smart Pension now for a couple of months and have been pleasantly surprised with the quick responses we get from the chat function. All our questions were quickly and completely answered and made sure we kept on progressing. As with all tools, it does take a little while to get used to it and not all descriptions of actions seem to be self-explanatory but with a little help from the support desk these were easily dealt with.
I would certainly recommend Smart Pension."

Jeroen J, 03/02/17

"I subscribed to your 5 day course for Advisers and am now encouraging my clients to visit your website, as I find that it is both informative and easy to use."

Vivien Y, 16/01/17

"What a great experience, transparent and straightforward from the due diligence onwards, convenient, professional service with a high-quality digital system. Thank you and all the best."

J M, Administrator, Mindteck 20/12/16

"I just wanted to say that Niki has been so helpful and patient. I have to add she also offers great customer service and she is very informative.
A great asset to your team - I recommend she has the team member of the month award!!!"

Spencer F, 06/12/16

"I found Smart Pension on the Government Auto-Enrolment website as one of their suggested providers. Their website is easy to navigate, helps you along the way to complete tasks, and shows you what is left to do. It also shows all of the reference numbers for your business should you need them. The website also helps staff in their decision on whether to opt-in or opt-out, and the completion of their data. Finally, Customer Service have been excellent. Every question I have had, has been answered efficiently, advising me correctly and quickly to complete the process. The service has been excellent from start to finish."

Mark M, 30/11/16

"I have recently finished speaking to one of your representatives by the name of Romiley. I am an adviser who has just taken on the task of reporting contributions for one of our clients and was getting in a little bit of a pickle! I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how helpful and patient Romiley was. She was professional, friendly and couldn't be more helpful. I don't know if you have a staff recognition scheme, if so I think she would make a fine recipient. If all your staff are as helpful, I look forward to working with Smart Pension again."

Joanne G, 28/10/16

"I'm pretty impressed with the customer service through this Support email helpdesk. You have all been responsive and helpful. Thank you"

Michèle, 05/10/16

"As a sole trade very easy to enrol - no added expense - help always at hand when I have not understood how to progress with a certain task. The to - do list very helpful and an easy way to make sure I was upto date. Thank you."

Robert, 29/09/16

"You are such a together organisation. I am in the process of signing a number of schemes onto Smart Pension. Thank you for your kind offer but I have been receiving superb assistance from Erica. In fact, I am just about to call her to resolve an issue on a scheme we are arranging. I love the information that you are circulating. My company has been in business for 40+ years dealing entirely with individuals and SME's so although I tried to avoid the dreaded AE process initially I am receiving more and more cries for help from existing clients and your process is a God send."

John L, 15/09/16

"I have changed my payroll software company for clients who enrolled with Smart Pension, easy to use, automatic submission, enrolment letters sent directly to staff."

James T, 11/09/16

"I would just like to say that I found you website and the way it was set up to help employers deal with this pension issue extremely fuss free and friendly. The simplicity of the procedure was most admirable and support staff were excellent when needed."

Sonia D, 05/09/16

"We are still learning but it is going well so far. Your people are very helpful and patient! :)"

Lorraine, 25/07/16

"I am so impressed with the Service from yourself and Smart Pension, I cannot recommend you highly enough. The online system has been so simple and intuitive and where we have had queries they have been resolved so quickly and efficiently. Thank you for making the set up of our scheme go so smoothly. :)"

Zoe, 01/07/16

"I have signed up for the pension service. Very pleased with the service so far."

Anthony, 29/06/16

"Thank you for the lovely email. I set up the company with NEST, but when I was looking for send out some information I could not find it, so I moved onto yours, I found your system very easy to use and the telephone support so far has been first class. I am very happy to recommend Smart Pension, and thank you for your help."

Catherine, 13/05/16

"Hand over from front desk to specialist team was fantastic and the employee "Romiley" knew his onions. An excellent connoisseur."

Anon, 30/03/16

"I have been so impressed with SmartPension this week - Sara is excellent"

Anna O, 27/02/16

"Just want to say all the support staff I have spoken to have been brilliant and made the whole process very easy."

Sue J, 24/02/16

"Dearest Sara, Well, I completed the pension regulator online form and submitted already … I shall thank you very much for your assistance the other day, you are very helpful and indeed you are a valuable asset for your company."

Aniisah G, 01/02/16

"Excellent we have had a nightmare with NEST and having to start again. This looks perfect for small business. Thank you."

Anonymous from Lisburn via Live Chat, 04/08/15

"What a life saver the Smart Pension package has been."

Tracy W from East Sussex, 29/07/15

"Ok sounds good. Thanks for your help Niki"

David D from Birmingham, 24/07/15

"As an aside, where do you earn your fees from? The company we were about to sign up with is charging quite hefty amounts, both to sign up and then on an ongoing monthly basis!"

Louise from Bristol, 23/07/15

"I just wondered what is included in your standard service? We currently use NOW Pensions and are very disappointed with them.", "So every time we have a new employee you would assess them and write to them if eligible?" "that would be brilliant"

Tanya M from Faversham, 05/06/15

"Extremely helpful. Thank you" and "Thanks for your assistance - much appreciated."

Anon from Aylesbury

"Just quite excellent"

Anthony B

"Great help for a nervous small business!"

Matthew B

For help from one of our dedicated support staff you can live chat with a team member using window on the bottom right of the screen. If you wish to speak directly with a member staff just call 0333 666 2323. Alternatively you can look through our knowledge bank or our FAQ section to help you navigate your way through the sign up process.

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